Tree management solutions, such as reducing the likelihood of tree failure, is one of the most important mitigation strategies for hazardous trees in the urban forest.

We can reduce the risk down to acceptable levels by implementing canopy reduction pruning and cable bracing, therefore avoiding unnecessary tree removal or worse, tree failures that might impact on property or life. Sometimes a combination of canopy reduction pruning and bracing is recommended to effectively mitigate risk and give you piece of mind.

Canopy Reduction Pruning

By reducing the total weight of the canopy, the pressure from wind, gravity and rain is reduced. This is particularly effective for trees diagnosed with a structural defect such as included bark, weakening from decay or over-extended branches.

Cable Support Bracing

Cable braces are made of a flexible yet strong material to allow natural movement in the canopy while reducing the movement at weak stem or branch unions that have been identified as problematic.

All risk mitigation techniques are tailored to the individual tree so it can remain in the landscape for decades to come.