Arborist Reports Melbourne

Pruning, tree removal or works near significant or protected trees will often require a planning permit or local law permit from your local council. The laws and requirements for the permit are different depending on which Council you are located in. We can let you know what laws and planning overlays apply to your site and provide you with the arborist reports you need for Council in Melbourne.

Our arborist reports are detailed and easy to understand, tailored to your specific requirements for your peace of mind.

Health and condition examinations can be provided if your tree:

  • Has poor health or structure
  • Causing property damage
  • Has a disease, fungi or pest infestation or large areas of decayed tissue.
  • Has sustained storm damage
  • Contains hazardous branches
  • Maybe unstable

Tree surveys and assessments

  • Used by developers and architects to aid in the development in proposed site plans. These arborist reports assist the planning permit process in identify the retention value of the existing trees and vegetation.
  • Also used in forest and bush to determine tree numbers and species identification.

Construction Impact Assessments & Tree Management and Protection Plans

  • These arborist reports are compliant with Australian Standard 4970-2009: used for determining the impact by a proposed development to tree roots and canopies along with providing direction for the management and protection of trees on the construction sites and nearby adjoining properties.
  • Written to comply with the requirements of the local council issuing your planning permit.

Tree risk/hazard arborist reports Melbourne 

  • Establishes the risk associated with your tree.
  • These arborist reports are used to determine the risk of whole tree or part tree (stems and branches) failure usually in high traffic areas, schools, parks, reserves, roadside.

Brief arborist reports Melbourne

  • Identify the tree and declare that it is an immediate danger to people or property and whether it should be removed or pruned.

Our arborist reports are tailored to your needs and are based around the Australian Standards AS4970-2009 for Protection of Trees on Development Sites and AS4373- 2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees. All our reports come with the same promise of quality, attention to detail and dedication.