The action of continual grazing by possums can affect the lifespan of a tree, as well as its appearance. We can install non-invasive trunk banding to keep the possums out of your trees. Possums use their claws to latch onto and climb tree trunks so by installing possum guard banding with a smooth surface the possums cannot climb the tree to feed on its leaves.

Old or stressed trees are often targeted by possums as the tree’s stored energy is used to promote new growth and is often rich in complex sugars – a delicacy. Possums prefer to feed on this new growth and the tree’s health declines further, often resulting in death.

Trees respond to the loss of leaves to possum grazing by drawing from their reserves of stored energy in the roots and trunk. Trees that have been grazed by possums repeatably produce new leaves that are especially appealing to possums, high in delicious carbohydrates and low in defence compounds. This causes them to return to the same tree to feed on whatever new foliage is available.

The cycle of continual feeding will affect the health and longevity of the tree, leaving it unable to replenish its energy stores to grow new leaves or defend against attacks from pest and disease.

Break the cycle before it’s too late! We can install possum guarding to keep possums out of your trees, ensuring they remain a healthy asset to your property for years to come.