Arborist Kew

Rigoni Tree Solutions has been servicing both businesses and residents in Kew for the past decade. Whether you need quality service, or just a bit of expert guidance, the team are here to help you.

Possum Guardian Kew

At Rigoni Tree Solutions, we use only proven and cost-effective methods to tackle your possum problem. If one of the local possum families have declared your trees the most delicious in the area, then it’s time to call an expert to move them on.

Possum guarding is a simple but effective way to stop the critters from climbing your trees and wreaking havoc.

Tree Root Investigation Kew

In order to make a sound decision on how excavation or construction work will impact your trees, you need to know where the roots are. The root system of a tree may extend far beyond the drop of the canopy line, and is difficult to predict from above the soil.

Rigoni Tree Solutions can give you insight into the roots of your tree using a non-harmful excavation technique developed especially for this purpose.

Tree Pruning and Removal Kew

Tree pruning keeps your trees, healthy, looking great, and structurally sound. Using a professional with years of experience is the only way to ensure that you’re pruning in the correct manner, and at the correct time.

If you’re left with no option but to wave goodbye to one or more of your trees, then don’t take any risks. Tree felling and removal is a hazardous job, and the risk of injury or expensive damage to property is very real. Get an expert, and get the job completed in the safest possible manner.

Hedge Trimming Kew

Proper trimming and maintenance of your hedges will enable you to effectively remove dead and diseased elements of your shrubbery. This will stop pests from moving in, and keeps your greenery vibrant.



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