Arborist Malvern East

For over a decade, Rigoni Tree Solutions has been providing a quality service to Melbourne and its inner suburbs. We’re the top arborist in Malvern East, and the only choice for any inhabitants looking for a quality, affordable arborist.

Hedge Trimming Malvern East

Proper trimming and management of your hedge will prevent the entry and spread of pests, while also helping your greenery to stay in best condition. Have a qualified expert help you today.

Tree Root Investigation Malvern East

Tree roots can extend far beyond the drop of the canopy, and it can be next to impossible to get a reliable picture of what’s going on under the surface without excavation. We use only non-destructive methods to uncover and then inform you of nay roots.

Tree Pruning and Removal Malvern East

Pruning of your trees keeps them healthy, beautiful, and prevents them from posing a safety risk. Only an expert can guide you on exactly how your tree should be pruned, and help you to achieve this result.

Similarly, if you’ve had to make the sad decision to part with a tree, you’re going to need help from somebody who has extensive experience with both felling and removal.

Possum Guarding Malvern East

Promoting the healthy spread and presence of wildlife is one of the major reasons why flora should be encouraged. That said, possums are always best enjoyed when they’re inhabiting somebody else’s property! Correct possum guarding is a low-cost solution that prevents the cheeky critters from scaling your trees and wreaking havoc.



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