Tree Lopping South Yarra

Get in touch with South Yarra’s leading arborist! Rigoni Tree Solutions has been operating in South Yarra for over a decade, helping its residents with both advice and completed work.

Hedge Trimming South Yarra

If you don’t give your hedges the love and care they need, then they’ll be more prone to the spread of disease and pests. Similarly, neglected hedgerows can intrude on neighbouring properties and lose their visual appeal very quickly.

Get professional help, and keep your hedges in tip-top condition.

Tree Root Investigation South Yarra

Tree root investigations are absolutely essential BEFORE any excavation or construction work is performed. Disrupting a tree’s route system can cause irreparable damage to the organism, and in worst cases can kill off the tree entirely. Be sure that your builder knows what’s under the ground before they start work.

Tree Pruning and Removal South Yarra

Tree pruning is essential if you want your trees healthy and looking great. Furthermore, correct upkeep will stop your trees from becoming a safety hazard.

If the time has come to get a tree removed, make sure you’re using a qualified expert for a dangerous job.

Possum Guarding South Yarra

Possum guarding is a simple and fast way to tackle any possum problems you might be experiencing. Our bands will prevent the animals from scaling your tree, which means they won’t be able to slowly destroy its canopy.



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