Arborist Camberwell

Rigoni Tree Solutions is the premier arborist for both businesses and residents in Camberwell. The team have been providing quality service and expert guidance in the area for over a decade.

Possum Guardian Camberwell

The team at Rigoni Tree Solutions will be able to clearly and simply talk you through the best way for you to handle any current or upcoming possum problems.

As your doctor always say, prevention is better than cure, as possums are notoriously difficult (and expensive) to relocate once they’ve earmarked your property as their personal kingdom.

We use only proven and non-invasive methods to stop the critters from scaling your trees.

Tree Root Investigation Camberwell

Excavation and construction frequently cause irreparable damage to tree roots. In severe cases, this damage to the root system can often lead to the death of the tree.

Knowing exactly where your root system extends to, and if proposed works will interfere with this delicate network, enables the property owner to make an informed decision on how impacted any trees may be.

Tree Pruning and Removal Camberwell

Proper pruning and care keeps your trees looking great, and structurally intact.

If the time has come to say goodbye to any of three trees on your property, then make sure you eliminate the numerous risk factors by having an expert complete the job for you.

Hedge Trimming Camberwell

When not trimmed and managed properly, hedges can become an eyesore and attract pests.

Removal of dead or dying elements will also keep the hedge in great health, which reduces the likelihood of further problems over time.



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