Rigoni Tree Solutions is the premier arborist in Caulfield North. We’ve served hundreds of happy customers in the suburb since 2013, so make sure you give us a call if you’re in need of any assistance.

Possum Guarding Caulfield North

Pesky possums have the ability to ruin the appearance of your beloved greenery, or even kill it off completely. Even worse, if they manage to gain access to your property, it can be an expensive and lengthy process to get them removed.

Although we at Rigoni Tree Solutions love all things natural, we, much prefer admiring possums from a distance, or when they’re sat in somebody else’s tree. Possum guarding your trees is a simple, cost-effective method of preventing the little critters form climbing your trees and causing damage.

Tree Root Investigation Caulfield North

Just like a possum invasion, incorrect handling of your tree’s roots can cause irreversible damage. If you or any neighbours are planning any construction or excavation anytime soon, then a tree root investigation is absolutely vital.

We use a non-invasive technique that allows us to uncover and record the roots of any trees on your property. Don’t take unnecessary risk, you need to know exactly what you’re working with.

Tree Pruning Caulfield North

If done incorrectly, or without the correct tools and experience, tree pruning can be a dangerous game.

All members of the Rigoni Tree Solutions team are fully-qualified and are experts when it comes to working at heights.they’ll deliver a finished tree that you’ll love.

Hedge Trimming Caulfield North

Frequent and correct pruning of your hedges will increase the lifespan, health, and appearance of your greenery.

Oh, and it’ll also stop your property becoming home to a host of unwanted creepy-crawlies.



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