Arborist Richmond

Rigoni Tree Solutions have been the premier arborist in Richmond, Victoria since 2013. If you need assistance with any trees or hedgerows, just give us a call so we can talk you through your options.

Possum Guarding Richmond

Don’t let possums affect the appearance of your trees or drastically reduce their lifespan. Similarly, don’t give them an easy route into your property… we all know how difficult and expensive they can be to remove.

Possum claws are perfectly designed for tree climbing. We can install a non-invasive tree band that possums aren’t able to clear. This stops all possums from getting access to the branches of your tree, and all of the contained sugars that they love.

Tree Root Investigation Richmond

Tree root investigations are critical for anybody who wants to safeguard the health of their tree during the course of construction or excavation.

Without a professional tree root investigation, your tree’s roots are likely to be damaged during any work. Often, it’s impossible to return the tree to full health once damaged.

Rigoni Tree Solutions will be able to reveal the roots of any tree without the need for destructive digging.

Tree Pruning and Removal Richmond

Tree pruning and removal is always best left to the experts. Working at height with that many moving parts requires extensive expertise.

Allow Rigoni Tree Services to safely and efficiently prune or remove any tress that have you concerned.

Hedge Trimming Richmond

Regular and professional trimming of your hedges will boost their health, and improve the look of your property.



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