Rigoni Tree Solutions have providing quality arborist services to the lucky residents of Brighton for over a decade. Brighton’s a beautiful place, and your trees and greenery need to reflect that.

Hedge Trimming Brighton

Proper maintenance of your hedgerows will keep your hedges healthy, safe, and looking fabulous. Make the most of all the time and money that went into planting, and get the blossoming and appearance you deserve.

Tree Root Investigation Brighton

Construction and excavation that interferes with a tree’s root system can cause significant damage to your trees, and can sometimes be fatal. Rigoni Tree Solutions use a non-invasive excavation method which will highlight the coverage of your tree’s roots, and ensure they’re not damaged during any project.

Tree Pruning and Removal Brighton

Careful pruning clears space for new growth on your tree, and removes excess weight and increases the life expectancy of any foliage.

If your tree has reached the end of its life expectancy, or is placing you or your neighbours at risk, then you need a fully-qualified tree removalist to complete your job.

Possum Guarding Brighton

Just like humans, possums love the seaside living that Brighton affords its resident. Unfortunately, their ability to ravage trees and badly affect their appearance just isn’t quite as appealing.

Using a simple, but effective system of guard banding, Rigoni Tree Solutions can prevent possums from gaining access to the branches and leaves of your trees.



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