Arborist Elwood

Rigoni Tree Solutions has been servicing the broader Melbourne area for over a decade. We’re Elwood’s premier arborist, and pride ourselves on the number of delighted clients we’ve helped over the years.

Hedge Trimming Elwood

Hedges require expert maintenance to allow sun to filter through to the entire organism, and prevent the entry and spread of pests. Elwood’s a beautiful place to live, make sure your hedges are adding to the experience.

Tree Root Investigation Elwood

Trees that are damaged during construction and suffer irreversible loss to their health, and in bad cases, may die off completely. Using our non-destructive research methods, we’ll be able to reliably inform you of any essential underground roots.

Tree Pruning and Removal Elwood

Everybody loves a picturesque tree, but getting to (and staying at) that point requires careful pruning and maintenance. Only an experienced expert can get your tree the look it deserves.

If a tree requires removal, don’t risk a disaster in a built up area! Get in touch so we can talk you through any reasonable precautions you need to take.

Possum Guarding Elwood

Once possums target a tree, you’ve got a limited amount of time to act. The creatures love the new growth that stressed old trees produce as it’s deliciously high in the tree’s diminishing energy stocks.

Possum guarding is an affordable, long-term solution to ensure that your favourite tress don’t fall into the hands of pesky possums.



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