Removing whole trees is sometimes unavoidable due to hazardous structural issues or declining health or perhaps they need to be removed to facilitate new development. We specialise in Tree removal in Melbourne. We can provide the safe tree removal near you in Melbourne and efficiently as well as removing the tree mulch from your site if you desire.

Tree stumps can continue to grow for years after the tree is removed and regrowth can eventually grow into the size of the original tree. As well as full tree removal in Melbourne, our tree services in Melbourne include a tree stump removal in Melbourne to remove the potential of your unwanted tree returning from the grave.

Thankfully, all most trees need is some maintenance. Our tree services in Melbourne include the full range of tree lopping and tree pruning in Melbourne to keep your tree looking its best and stop hazards from developing before it’s too late. Trees commonly react well and benefit from tree pruning.

Common reasons for tree pruning Melbourne:

  • Deadwood removal (including damaged, diseased or dying branches).
  • Shaping to control or direct growth and produce structurally strong plants.
  • Appearance and aesthetic appeal.
  • Improving or maintaining health by increasing air circulation and light penetration.
  • Minimising risk from falling branches.
  • Reducing overall size and canopy density.

Forms of Pruning available:

Crown Maintenance

  • Dead wooding
  • Crown thinning
  • Selective tree pruning
  • Formative tree pruning

Crown Modification

  • Reduction tree pruning
  • Crown lifting
  • Pollarding
  • Remedial (restorative) pruning
  • Line clearance
  • Habitat (partial tree removal near you /creating habitat for wildlife)