If a tree on your property is diseased, dying or has a hazardous structure, it's time to consider a professional tree removal Melbourne.  Our dedicated team specialise in Tree removal in Melbourne. If you've been asking yourself, 'where can I find a competent tree service near me?' Rigoni Tree Solutions have got the solutions for you. We offer all tree services Melbourne to revitalise your property and keep you and your family out of harm's way.

After tree lopping Melbourne, unfortunately stumps can continue to grow for years after the tree is removed and regrowth can eventually grow into the size of the original tree. As well as full tree removal Melbourne, our skillset also includes tree stump removal Melbourne. After removing the stump, you can simply roll a turf over where the tree used to be or let the grass grow naturally.

Thankfully, all most trees need is some maintenance. If you've got a particular tree on your property you wish to exhibit, our arborists are also experts in tree stump removal Melbourne. Through out tree services in Melbourne, we can keep your trees looking their best and stop hazards from developing before it’s too late. Trees commonly react well and benefit from tree services in Melbourne.

Common reasons for tree pruning Melbourne:

  • Deadwood removal (including damaged, diseased or dying branches).
  • Shaping to control or direct growth and produce structurally strong plants.
  • Appearance and aesthetic appeal.
  • Improving or maintaining health by increasing air circulation and light penetration.
  • Minimising risk from falling branches.
  • Reducing overall size and canopy density.

Forms of Pruning available:

Crown Maintenance 

  • Dead wooding
  • Crown thinning
  • Selective tree pruning in Melbourne
  • Formative tree lopping Melbourne

Crown Modification

  • Reduction tree pruning Melbourne
  • Crown lifting
  • Pollarding
  • Remedial (restorative) tree services Melbourne
  • Line clearance
  • Habitat (partial tree removal near me /creating habitat for wildlife)


Where Can I Order An Expert Tree Removal Near Me? 

If you're asking yourself, 'where can I find a tree service near me that'll actually do a good job?' you've come to the right place. If you require tree lopping Melbourne, Rigoni Tree Solutions work around the clock to ensure that our clients have access to the lopping in Melbourne they deserve. Give our team a call, we'd love to hear from you!