Arborist Mordialloc

Rigoni Tree Solutions have been providing a range of arborist services to the residents and businesses of Mordialloc for over a decade. If you need professional assistance with any trees or hedgerows, pick up the phone and get the guidance you deserve.

Possum Guarding Mordialloc

Nobody enjoys a possum problem. Once the furry critters have earmarked your tree as the most delicious in the area, you’ll often see that tree deteriorate rapidly. In extreme cases possums can radically reduce the lifespan of your tree, or alter its appearance.

Rigoni Tree Solutions are experts in the use of non-invasive possum guards, which prevent the creatures from scaling your tree and gaining access to branches and leaves.

Tree Root Investigation Mordialloc

You probably already know how essential a tree’s roots are to its survival. Excavation and construction in Melbourne’s suburbs places tree roots at risk every single day.

Our goal is always to give you a guide on whether a tree’s roots will be affected by any such works, and if the tree is going to be able to survive the stress of the proposed works.

Tree Pruning and Removal Mordialloc

All trees require a level of upkeep to stop them from becoming a danger and/or hindrance. Rigoni Tree Solutions have extensive experience in all types of pruning, in all imaginable conditions.

If it’s time to have a tree removed, you need an expert to ensure that the job goes smoothly.

Hedge Trimming Mordialloc

Correct hedge trimming and management frees up space in your garden, and can enable you to change the entire appearance of your green areas.

Rigoni Tree Solutions can help you to maintain a beautiful, dense hedgerow that’s the right size for your landscape.



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