Arborist Cheltenham

Rigoni Tree Solutions has been the leading arborist in Cheltenham since 2013. Whatever your needs, or even if you just want to get some expert advice on your property’s greenery, call us today and see why so many Cheltenham residents love us.

Tree Root Investigation Cheltenham

If you or the owner’s of an adjoining property are considering any excavation or construction, then a tree root investigation should always be your first priority.

It’s often impossible to tell from the visible elements of a tree exactly what’s going on underground. Don’t forget, a the root system can can extend far past the drjopline of the canopy.

Rigoni Tree Solutions uses a hydro-excavation technique that gently exposes the root network, and allows you to assess the impact any work will have on the tree.

Tree Pruning and Removal Cheltenham

Trees that aren’t properly pruned and maintained can be a serious nuisance. They can limit the light entering your property, and can be a danger when wether conditions change.

The pruning and timely removal of trees should always be done by an expert.

Hedge Trimming Cheltenham

With a little bit of loving care, hedgerows can give your property that WOW factor, and give you a simple way to get a nice bit of green on your property.

That said, overgrown or poorly maintained hedges can make your party look abandoned, or neglected, very quickly.

Make sure your hedges are looking fab.

Possum Guarding Cheltenham

There’s over twenty species of possum in Australia, and if you’re in any of Melbourne’s suburbs, there’s a pretty strong chance there’s at least one family eyeing up your trees.

Possum guards prevent the creatures from climbing your trees, which enables new growth to flourish without the risk of getting devoured.



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