Arborist Hawthorn

Rigoni Tree Solutions has been Hawthorn’s top arborist for over a decade. If you want quality service that’s sensibly priced, get on the phone today.

Hedge Trimming Hawthorn

If you want your hedgerows in top conditions, you’re going to need to invest a little in their upkeep. A qualified expert can not only keep your greenery looking great, but they’ll also be be able to guide you on how to to stop the entry and spread of pests and disease.

Tree Root Investigation Hawthorn

It’s impossible to be sure where a tree’s roots are situated without expert guidance. If you or any of your neighbours are undertaking any excavation, it’s vital that you have a tree root investigation completed beforehand.

Tree Pruning and Removal Hawthorn

Having your trees regularly and professionally pruned will maximise their health, which keeps them looking beautiful and stops them becoming a danger in adverse weather conditions.

On the other hand, if you’ve decided it’s time to wave goodbye to one of your trees, don’t take any risks with removal. Felling and removing trees is a hazardous process, and you want to make sure you’re in the hands of somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Possum Guarding Hawthorn

There’s not too many things that split opinion like a possum. Although we love all of our indigenous animals, there’s no denying that once possums decide they’d like to get comfy in your tree or (heaven forbid) roof space, that getting rid of them can be an absolute nightmare.

Possum guarding is a cost-effective and simple measure you can take to stop the critters from climbing your trees.



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