Arborist Melbourne CBD

Rigoni Tree Solutions has been operating in Melbourne CBD for over a decade. Working in the city presents its own unique range of challenges and hurdles; you need an arborist in Melbourne who has significant experience working in the heart of the city.

Tree Root Investigation Melbourne

The confines of Melbourne CBD make tree root investigations vital whenever there is a chance a building or excavation project is likely to come into contact with the underground systems of a tree.

The majority of people don’t know that the roots of a tree can extend far beyond the reach of the canopy. Whether you’re embarking on a construction project, or just looking to safeguard your own trees, don’t take any chances.

Tree Pruning and Removal Melbourne

Tree pruning and/or removal can be a nightmare if you don’t have a wealth of experience in the conditions.

Use a Arborist in Melbourne CBD arborist who knows how to handle the unique challenges of working in the middle of the city.

Hedge Trimming Melbourne

Properly maintained hedges allow you to inject a dose of green into your area of the CBD. Additionally, our Arborist in Melbourne will prevent the spread of disease and any unwanted wildlife.

Possum Guarding Melbourne

Just like humans, possums have fallen into the trap of joining the rat race. Each day, large swathes of the population head directly into the city to make it big. Although they’re chasing the opportunity to feast on one of your beautiful trees and not a monster payday, they can get out of control just as easily.

Get your trees possum guarded with our arborist in Melbourne to safeguard their health.



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