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Tree Removal & Pruning Services Melbourne

Removing whole trees is sometimes unavoidable due to hazardous structural issues or declining health or perhaps they need to be removed to facilitate new development.

Hazard Tree Reduction

With the wild weather that we have experienced in Melbourne, particularly over the last few years, it’s no wonder more people are concerned about the safety of the trees that overhang their properties.

Arborist Reports Melbourne

Are you concerned that your tree is hazardous/declining/ in an unsafe condition? At Rigoni Trees Solutions we specialise in assessing the risk that tree spose to health and safety and various other tree-related issues, we […]

Tree Root Investigation

Tree roots are critical to the longevity of a tree and are often neglected in the urban forest. Building development commonly harms tree roots which can lead to a spiral of decline in a tree’s health.

Tree Selection & Planting

There can never be too many trees on our planet so why not select your favourite tree according to your growing conditions and let it grow!

Possum Guarding

The action of continual grazing by possums can affect the lifespan of a tree, as well as its appearance. We can install non-invasive trunk banding to keep the possums out of your trees.

Hedge Trimming Services

Hedges and shrubs should be regularly trimmed for 3 main reasons: safety, health & aesthetics

Qualified Work Observation

Emergency Makesafe Works