Rigoni Tree Solutions has been providing both tree removal in Hawthorn and tree pruning in Hawthorn for over a decade.

We love trees as much as anybody out there, but the truth is that sometimes they occupy land earmarked for other purposes, or they can begin to pose a hazard to both loved ones and loved things (we’re looking at you, shiny new car).

Whenever undertaking any work on trees, your number one priority HAS to be the safety of yourself and any relevant neighbours. For that reason, you should only ever engage an experienced professional to undertake your work.

After the expert removal of your tree, our team will be able to give you easy to understand guidance on aftercare, whilst completing any stump grinding that may be necessary.

Sometimes a thorough pruning will actually achieve the result you’re after and enable you to keep your beloved tree in place. If you’re at all unsure on whether you need removal or a proper pruning, our team will be happy to guide you towards the best decision for you.

We pride ourselves on our honest communication with clients, and our ability to stick to our commitments. In order to give you an accurate idea of how long a job will take and what it will cost, we will always come to visit you before starting any work.

Give us a call on 0421 779 159 and we’ll arrange a visit at a time that suits you.



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