Rigoni Tree Solutions is a premier provider of tree removal in Richmond.

Whether it’s due to a need to free up land for development and construction, or simply because a tree has become a hazard, there will be times when tree removal becomes a necessity.

When the time comes to say goodbye to one of your trees, your number one priority should always be the safety of you, your property, and your neighbours.

With that in mind, you should ALWAYS engage a specialist whenever you’re looking to remove a tree, or any large sections of foliage.

If handled incorrectly, tree stumps can continue to grow for years after a botched removal, and in rare cases can actually regenerate the entirety of the tree.

Besides the careful removal of your tree, Rigoni tree Solutions also provides a stump grinding service, which will eliminate the potential of any unwanted regrowth.

Because every tree is different, every tree removal is different.

In order to give you peace of mind, and to accurately quote you on both the cost and duration of any removal, we’ll always arrange to come and view the specimen before beginning any work.
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